"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." -Berthold Auerbach

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Going GooGoo for Gaga!

Since the rise of Lady Gaga I think we can safely say, if you haven’t heard of her....where have you been living this last year!? To put it lightly she is not somebody you would pass in the street and not notice thanks to those outrageous yet strangely awesome outfits.

She has stormed the UK since she launched her first single ‘Just Dance’ and then her debut album ‘The Fame’.

Whilst on stage in Japan on Saturday night one overzealous fan leaped up on stage with the singer and confronted her. Gaga was performing at the JPN Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan which was part of her Monster Ball World Tour.

The audience member managed to hop over the security barrier as well as dodging security and jumped onto the stage during her rendition of ‘Bad Romance’. The admirer then went onto fall onto their knees into a prayer position in front of Lady Gaga. However two of her dancers were on hand to escort the fan hastily off the stage whilst Gaga carried on performing.

I shall be going to see Gaga in May and from reviews and listening to the album I have high hopes for the gig. I am a big fan and so I am sure i will get my money worth...i just hope we dont get lumberd with an overzelous fan at our gig!

Students are back in town!

Cheltenham students were out in force last night as they celebrate their first few nights back at University. I was amongst many who invaded the night club Dakota to watch Radio 1 DJ Greg James blast out the latest tunes.

On a whole Cheltenham has always been a good place for DJ’ing events as many other night clubs also host similar nights throughout the week.

Other artists that have appeared at Dakota throughout this year have been Mike Fielding of the Mighty Boosh whilst up and coming artists include Trevor Nelson from Radio 1 and NME award winner Calvin Harris.

The DJ set on a whole I thought was brilliant as he played some classics as well as all the up to date stuff that got the crowd going. He also caused quite a stir with fans crowding and waiting to have pictures and I have to say....I was one of them. BUSTED!

Cheltenham Jazz Festival

My page is about all types of music genres and gigs so I feel the Cheltenham Jazz Festival is a great place to start. If you happen to be a bit of a Jazz fan like myself then this event is without a doubt a MUST...that cannot be missed!

This event has been around for 14years this year and for the first time is bringing in a guest director in the form of jazz legend Jamie Cullum. As well as him there are many other worldwide artists, and for some this will be their only gig this year. Elaine Paige, Imelda May and Paloma Faith are just some of the many artists for this year’s event.

You may well think to yourself 'It’s a Jazz Festival, it’s not my thing' but this may not be strictly true. You don’t have to be a Jazz whizz to enjoy this event. There are many different types of jazz styles that formulate this festival....many of which acquire many people’s tastes. Plus the Town Hall venue in which the festival is held, hosts lots of different attractions throughout the on-going week.

Lastly I must draw attention to the fact that this year at the Jazz Festival a local Cheltenham band will be playing amongst some of those amazing artists. The band Thrill Collin’s who are students of the University of Gloucestershire shall be gracing the same stage as artist Imelda May on Thursday 29th April.
So come and give your local band the support they deserve and visit the Cheltenham Jazz Festival from the 28th April to the 3rd May.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Just to say Hellooooo....

Hi everyone.

This is my very first time blogging and so will be my very first blog. So please BEAR WITH!!!

In my blogs i shall be covering all that is Music and every other possible link to go with it.....so enjoy :)

Roo x x x